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1 June 2017, 8:00 pm

Throckappella Spring Concert

Throckappella Spring Concert

Come and enjoy a beautiful Spring concert performed by our award-winning teen a cappella ensemble Throckappella, directed by Tim Silva.  Throckappella is an advanced vocal music program for talented high school students. Tonight’s concert will include vocal music from a variety of genres, including world folk, broadway, contemporary choral, and pop/rock.

Our award-winning teen a cappella ensemble, Throckappella, directed by the multi-talented Tim Silva, is an advanced vocal music program for talented high school students  who share a love of music and are motivated to advance their skills in repertoire, performance and ensemble skills. High school age singers are chosen thru audition and merit based on talent, ability, dedication, a cooperative spirit, and a love of music.  The group has many performance opportunities throughout the year that allow them to expand their talents in front of an audience.

It is our hope that young artists at Throckmorton will not only be influenced by our rich artistic community but that they, themselves will be an influence on that community.  Each year Throckappella’s talented group of singers engage and enrich our community as well as the wider Bay Area community and beyond.

Tim Silva, Director

An East Bay native, Tim Silva is an active performer, teacher, and collaborator in a wide range of settings. Since completing degrees in composition and vocal music education, Tim has recorded with some of the Bay Area’s most elite chamber choruses (AVE, Volti, SF Choral Artists) as well on the debut albums of Briget Boyle and Nick Hours. This summer, he made his debut with Chalice Consort and also sang with the Russian National Orchestra in Volti’s Festival Chorus. He performs regularly with several independent artists as a drummer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, and also is one-third of the folk-pop trio Iron Henry. He teaches group classes, and private lessons in general music, choral music, music theory, and vocal technique to preschoolers, senior citizens, and everyone in between.
To learn more about Throckappella, please visit our Teen A Cappella Ensemble page.

When: Jun 1, 2017 8:00:00 PM in Mill Valley, California
Cost: Free


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