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22 March 2017, 3:00 pm

18 Life-Changingly Fun And Geeky Things To Do In Edinburgh

18 Life-Changingly Fun And Geeky Things To Do In Edinburgh

Fancy getting leathered at a Game of Thrones-themed bar, or playing Mario Kart while eating fried chicken? The possibilities are endless in the capital.

Chuck your change into the cabinets at Konbo.

If you live for super combo finishers, chiptune soundtracks, and giant clacking buttons, then you need to visit Konbo on Gilmour Place. It's Edinburgh's first arcade café and it has an array of '80s and '90s Japanese arcade machines, including Tekken. But remember, nobody likes an Eddy Gordo kick spammer. / Via

Get dressed up at Edinburgh Comic Con.

Where else are you going to see the likes of Oor Wullie, Darth Vader, and Iron Man chatting over a pint of Tennent's? Held at the EICC every April, this is the place to check out the best Scottish comics, enter the cosplay contest, and get your photo taken with movie stars.

Or use the Force at Capital Sci-Fi Con.

If you saw an eight-foot-tall hairy dude dismember someone at Meadowbank Stadium, you'd usually be straight on to the polis, but at this huge sci-fi convention it's perfectly legit. Held every February, this charity event is rammed with comics, merch, TV, and movie stars galore. And wookies, obviously. / Via

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