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13 April 2017, 10:28 pm

Milk & Honey (Leche y Miel)

Milk & Honey (Leche y Miel)

Yuma is often thought of as a hot, dry desert town in southwestern Arizona, but for the area residents - and the United States as a whole, it is the land of plenty. During the winter months, nearly all the leafy vegetables Americans eat are grown in the fertile fields which lie at the literal end of the Colorado River. For the people who work the fields, the Colorado River represents not only the source of their livelihood, but a deep, spiritual connection to this arid landscape as well. Leche y Miel (Milk & Honey) provides a short, beautiful glimpse into the area's Latino community and their connection to the strained Colorado River.

Cast: American Rivers, Justin Clifton and Chris Cresci

Tags: Yuma, Colorado River, Latino and Agriculture


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