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Photos British Mk.I Supply Tank 'Dodo', Messines Ridge, June 1917

10 February 2019, 4:06 pm

Compound Eye posted a photo:

British Mk.I Supply Tank 'Dodo', Messines Ridge, June 1917

Once the Mk.IV tank was introduced in 1917, older Mk.I Males were often converted into Supply Tanks to support them with additional fuel & ammunition.

Conversion of Supply Tanks was carried out by the Central Tank Workshops in France and involved stripping out the interior - especially the sponsons, plus installing storage racks & cages wherever possible - allowing, of course, for engine & gearbox access.

As a result, Supply tanks are readily identifiable from their necessary exterior alterations - A roof hatch for the driver & commander whose rearward egress was now blocked [including the hull escape hatch], tell-tale 'blanking plates' over the gun embrasures, a stowage bin on the roof and another massive locker between the rear track horns.

WWI tanks are an oddity, in that they were so few that you are forced to research, decypher and replicate specific vehicles.

This model represents 'Dodo' as she was photographed in June 1917 at Messines. Perhaps the most famous and well documented Mk.I Supply Tank of all - with a mind-blowing TWO known photographs to her credit. Ultimately, I intend to replicate the roof stowage as faithfully as possible to her most well-known portrait.


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